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Hebrew symbols
Take a look at our exclusive collection of jewelry pieces featuring well-known Hebrew symbols. Many Hebrew symbols are strongly related to the Hebrew language and to the Jewish faith. They include Chai and  Jewish and Kabbalist prayers. These powerful signs appear in the most unique Jewish jewelry you'll ever see.

Silver and Gold Chai Pendant
The Star of David

The Star of David is among the most widely used Jewish Symbols. It's the six-pointed star that's comprised of overlapping triangles. In free translation, the Star of David really means the "shield of David". It special shape means the connection between God and also the Jewish people. The six points also signifies God's ruling within the world in north, south, east, and west, lower or more - in six different directions from the sun. Furthermore, the triangles also reflect the twin character of guy: the great and also the evil.

Even though it is recognized as today a Jewish symbol it's not necessarily been the situation. Previously the Star of David was utilized to battle off evil spirits.

Among the numerous Jewish symbols, the Star of David grew to become very questionable following the The Second World War because it was utilized through the Nazis to mark the Jews from other population. However, since its inclusion within the Israeli national flag, the Jewish star has obtained its status. Unquestionably, the Star of David has performed a vital part in Jewish tradition.

The Menorah - an old Jewish symbol

This is among the most well-known Jewish symbols. The menorah is pointed out within the Hebrew bible, referred to as Tanakh in Hebrew. Based on the bible, God revealed the style of the Menorah to Moses also it made an appearance to become a seven-branched candelabrum which was utilized in the sacred Temple. Experts say, the menorah signifies the seven branched artifact. This can be found in the tombs and monuments that dated to the very first century. Furthermore, based on the bible as well as historians, the menorah is lit daily from fresh olive oil which is burned from evening until morning.

Chai - a famous Hebrew symbol

The Chai is yet another probably the most popular and mostly seen Jewish symbols. Within the last several decades Chai continues to be incorporated in several jewelry add-ons, mainly pendants that are worn round the neck as protective amulets. Chai literally means existence or living. This exclusive Jewish symbol reflects the sanctity of existence, a dominant concept in Jewish religion. So that as a practice, the Jews love gift ideas and donations, plus they refer to it as "giving chai" in their culture.
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