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Famous Kabbalah Symbols
Have you heard about the Kabbalah?  The Kabbalah is Jewish school of thought that teaches us about the complex relationship between the material world and the spiritual one. The  Kabbalah uses various symbols and tools that are meant to mediate between these two worlds.  This mediation aspires to bring about positive changes in our lives. Kabbalah symbols may help us overcome any kind of obstacle in our material existence and bring us closer to life's joys.
Prominent Kabbalah symbols are often incorporated in jewelry pieces , commonly known as Kabbalah jewelry.
Kabbalah symbols include famous protection amulets against the evil eye such as the Hamsa hand and the Star of David. Here we will introduce you to significant Kabbalah symbols that can be found in many Kabbalah jewelry accessories.  If you consider purchasing a Kabbalah jewelry piece, you should learn the meaning behind Kabbalah symbols.

Hamsa Hand
Not all Kabbalah symbols are exclusive to the Kabbalah. The Hamsa hand is a great example. The Hamsa hand features many Kabbalah jewelry accessories. The Hamsa hand is widely known as an ancient amulet used for protection. Many communities from around the world have used this symbol to help   ward off what is known as the evil eye.    .
The “evil eye” refers to bad luck of misfortune that might be caused as a result of people's envy which can be intentional or not intentional.     

Star of David

 The Star of David is the most recognizable symbol for Jewish identity. In similar to other Kabbalah symbols, the Star of David is believed to draw protection and luck due to its special structure. According to tradition the hexagram shape describes King David's shield . Shaped as a hexagram the shield protected King David and his warriors and led him to victories. The great victories led to the construction   of the Second Temple in Jerusalem and by King Solomon, which was David’s son.

The Mekabalah is an exclusive Kabbalah symbol. It is actually a Star of David in its three dimensional state.  The powerful structure is believed to release positive spiritual energies : energies that bring about protection and blessing to the bearer.
Hebrew Inscriptions   
Kabbalah symols also include Hebrew letterings and texts. According to the Kabbalah Hebrew alphabet  has spiritual energies and can help bring about changes and influence our lives. The Kabbalah uses combinations over three letter Hebrew sequences, known as the 72 Names of God.
You can find the 72 Names many Jewish jewelry items. Kabbalah jewelry items often feature  the “Aleph-Lamed-Heh” combination, used to fight off the evil eye.  
You can often see a Kabbalah pendant that is inscribed with more than one name. The combination Shin-Aleph-Heh is believed to help us find love in our lives and strengthen relationship.

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Tree of Life Kabbalah Necklace
Tree of Life Kabbalah Necklace by HaAri
Our Price: $188.00

This drop-shaped necklace is made of sterling silver and set with precious gems according to the ten sephiroth scheme. This form of a tree represents the Kabbalah. The tree in this unique Kabbalah necklace includes the ten sephiroth ,which are ten divine channels that take part in the creation of the world. In our world there is also an exact parallel between the ten sephiroth in the body and soul of the man and they find their expression in three aspects: thought, speech and deed.

We have chosen to include 11 gems in this pendant instead of ten. According to the great HaAri, the mind, which is not mentioned as an independent sphere, is connected to the crown sphere. It is represented in the Kabbalah pendant by the additional gem This exceptional Kabbalah necklace is a wonderful gift to anyone who is interested in spirituality.

Height: 0.55 x 0.92 in. (1.4 x 2.3 cm.)
Materials: .925 silver, 9K gold
Gender : Unisex
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