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This collection of Kabbalah bracelet s is entirely handcrafted in Israel. A Kabbalah bracelet often includes prominent motifs from the Jewish tradition such as the Shema Yisrael prayer, traditional Ben Porat Yosef and Hamsa hand believed to bring blessing and protection from the evil eye. Additionally, a Kabbalah bracelet also features Kabbalist spiritual keys that mediate between the spiritual world and the material world such as the 72 names of God. According to Kabbalah, these spiritual keys are auspicious of Success, Health, Prosperity, Love and Divine Protection. A Kabbalah bracelet is a wonderful way to draw positive changes into your life.
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Bracelet of 'Creation' Ana BeKoach Kabbalah Bracelet
Ben Porat Yoseph Kabbalah Bracelet for Protection Red Kabbalah Bracelet with Ana BeKoach The Kind Eye Bracelet inlaid with Turquoise
Star of David with Shema Yisrael Bracelet by HaAri
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Kabbalah inspired Bracelet by HaAri
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Kabbalah Bracelets and Jewish Motifs
Kabbalah bracelets are believed to generate positive energy as a result of their incorporated motifs from Kabbalah teachings. Kabbalah jewelry and motifs are thought to mediate between the physical and spiritual worlds and thus encourage positive life transformations. Many bracelets/accessories combine multiple motifs to provide strong protection to the wearer.

Kabbalah Bracelets and The Evil Eye
The Kabbalah studies discuss the potentially negative effects of the resentful stare of strangers. Accordingly, the most popular motifs in Kabbalah jewelry are typically utilized for protection against this envious stare, better known as the evil eye.
The Red String is an unpretentious bracelet worn on the left wrist for protection against the evil eye, a powerful negative force. A novel red string bracelet would be cut from a longer piece of red string which was enclosed around the tomb of Rachel (the matriarch of the Bible). Other talismans that thwart the evil eye include Hamsa jewelry accessories, fish (because fish live in the water, they are safe from the spiteful glare) and eye symbols.
The 72 Names of God in Kabbalah Bracelets

Many Kabbalah jewelry bracelets feature Hebrew letter arrangements, such as the 72 names of God. The 72 names of God are made up of 72 three-letter combinations from the book of Exodus (the Kabbalah develops solutions to numerous aspects of life, such as success and health, from this book). Each of the 72 names of God has its own exclusive power and energy. They are a spiritual instrument for a profusion of prosperity, success, health and happiness. They have the divine power to overcome the laws of nature. By merely looking at the letters, it is said that individuals can connect with their amazing frequencies.

Kabbalah bracelets and accessories and their motifs are believed to bring about positive energy to the wearer. Today, more people have the ability to enjoy the tools that Kabbalah offers to promote positive transformations in their lives as these items see a surge in popularity.
We invite you to browse through our collection of unique Kabbalah bracelets, all handmade in Israel.

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