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The Ten Sephiroth

The Jewish esoteric doctrine recognized as "Kabbalah" is identified by its  ten creative forces theory that come between the infinite, unknowable God ("Ein Sof") and the world that was created for us.
By these powers God was able to create and rule the world and the universe, and it's by influencing them that humans were the reason  God had to send  forces of compassion to Earth (masculine, right side) or intense judgment (feminine, left side).

Below are the Ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah, their translations and their meanings.
Keter means "crown" and it is understood as both the "uppermost"  and the "regal crown" of the Sephirot. It is located in between  Binah and Chokmah and it is preceding Tiphereth. This Sefirah is seldom talked about by Kabbalists. Later customs declared that it radiates six hundred twenty "pillars of light."
Binah is known to be related to the humans  left eye, left brain hemisphere or the heart.  It is the top feminine element in the Godhead, and it stands for as the mother of the Shekhinah. A lot of of the symbols related to Binah are quite similar to those of the Shekhinah. Upon receiving the seed from Hokhmah, Binah got pregnant and had given birth to the seven lower Sefirot. There are fifty identified "Gates of Understanding."
Hokhmah  comes about one hundred forty nine times in the Hebrew Bibles Masoretic text. The Talmud identifies that the knowledge of  Kodshim Talmudic order as a superior form of wisdom.. There are thirty two methods of wisdom.

Din represents the frightening powers of fury and celestial punishment in the world. This power is required to keep control all over the universe. Nevertheless, the harmful forces required to keep up order and precise punishment and it also includes the  demonic Evil seeds: the Sitra Ahra (Other Side).
Hesed represents the benevolent, gracious (male) side of God. There are seventy-two "bridges" of Hesed.
Tif’eret  is what brings  the Sefira of Strength  (Gevurah) and compassion (Chesed)  or Judgement (din) together. It is known as the descendant of Binah and Hokhmah.
Hod represents the inferior passage wherein God's judgment comes down to the world. It is also connected with the power of foresight. Hod and Nezah are frequently treated as a mutual pair.
Nezah symbolizes the active grace of God in the world.
Yesod is the path wherein Tiferet tries to connect with the Shekhinah and pass on the creative and benevolent divine forces.

Ten Sephiroth Kabbalah

Shekhinah is a Talmudic concept that represents the dwelling of God and immanence in the created world. It was associated with the "Keneset Yisrael," the personified spirit of the Israelites. According to a Rabbinic custom, the Shekhinah took part in the exiles of the Jews. Thus, the salvation of the Israelites is inextricably associated with the remediation of the estrangement within God him/herself, bringing in a bold new element into traditional Jewish Messianic eschatology. It's through the Shekhinah that the Divine is experienced by humans. The passiveness of the Shekhinah is frequently stressed as the receiver of forces from the higher Sefirot.

Ten Sephirot Kabbalah Pendant
Ten Sephirot Kabbalah Pendant by HaAri
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This one-of-a-kind Kabbalah pendant s made of sterling silver  and 9K gold and set with precious gems according to the ten sephiroth scheme.  The stones represent the ten sephiroth ,which are ten divine channels that take part in the creation of the world. The Ten Sephirot is a key term in the teachings of the Kabbalah.

In our world there is also an exact parallel between the ten sephiroth in the body and soul of the man and they find their expression in three aspects: thought, speech and deed.
We have chosen to include 11 gems in this pendant instead of ten. According to the great HaAri, the mind, which is not mentioned as an independent sphere, is connected to the crown sphere.  It is represented in the Kabbalah pendant by the additional gem

This beautiful Kabbalah pendant is a wonderful gift to anyone who is interested in spirituality
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