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Here we bring you uniquely designed amulets from our exclusive collection of Kabbalah jewelry. The amulets are made according to spiritual Kabbalist methods believed to bring us closer to the secret joys of life by facilitating balance between the material and spiritual worlds. Each Kabbalah pendant is made of precious metals, primarily Sterling silver and gold. This Kabbalist key is believed to enhance positive changes in various aspects of life such as love, success and health. We invite you to browse through our handcrafted collection of Kabbalah amulets and find the piece that speaks to your needs and wishes.
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Ben Porat Protection necklace 'shdai' Talisman for Protection & Health Parsian Amulet for Protection
Love and Prosperity Kabbalah Necklace Fish Kabbalah Pendant against the Evil Eye
Key Kabbalah Necklace for Prosperity 72 names of god kabbalah pendant Love and Relationship Kabbalah Jewelry Kabbalah Jewelry Ben Porat Yosef & Star of David
72 names of god kabbalah pendant Kabbalah Charm for Prosperity and Success Love and Relationship Kabbalah Jewelry Love and Relationship Kabbalah Jewelry
Kabbalah Pendant for Protection and Health 72 Names Success and Blessing Kabbalah Pendant Hamsa Necklace for Matchmaking Antique-Style Jewish Amulet for Protection
Travelers Prayer 18th Century Pesian Amulet with Ana BeKoach
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