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Jewish Jewelry

Jewish jewelry and its significance Many people around the world like to wear jewelry that carries special symbolism and meaning. Jewish jewelry in particular is so much more than just a fashion statement. Jewish jewelry allows the wearer to express their personal taste and style and at the same time manifest their emotional bond and commitment to the Jewish religion or culture. In recent years, Jewish jewelry has been becoming more and more popular.

Judaica designers have created a variety of jewelry accessories designed for men, women and young people, religious and secular. Jewish jewelry incorporates prominent motifs and symbols taken from Judaism and the Jewish identity that point to shared beliefs and cultural values. Jewish jewelry accessories often feature motives closely related the land of Israel and its sites, as many Jewish people feel a strong bond to the holy land. Many feel that the state of Israel is their second home.

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This is partially why Jewish jewelry and accessories are common gifts at Jewish weddings, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs and other life celebrations. By wearing symbolic jewelry the wearer has a great opportunity to express her or his admiration for beauty, as well as a chance to hold close to their hearts a piece that has religious and cultural significance. The Star of David pendant for example, is one of the most popular designs in the field of Jewish jewelry. The Star of David is worn both by men and women, religious and non-religious. Why? The answer might be related to the fact that the symbolic significance of the symbol transgresses the religious context and has much more to do with the collective Jewish identity. In the last 50 years, the Star of David has turned into a symbol of collective pride. Additionally, Star of David, like other pieces of Jewish jewelry, is believed to draw positive energies to the ones who wear it. In fact it is an ancient amulet that has been used by many non-Jewish communities as a way to fight off negative spirits. The Hamsa hand is another motif in Jewish jewelry used for the same purpose around the world. Besides images and icons, Jewish jewelry is often inscribed with quotes from holy sources and prayers.

These inscriptions have specific meanings and stories behind them. One example would be Birkat Hakohanim (Priestly blessing) from the book of Numbers. Inscription of this powerful prayer on jewelry is considered a virtue for blessing and protection. Shema Yisrael and Tefilatt Haderch can also be found on many Jewish jewelry accessories. These prayers, known to almost any Jew in the world, are believed to safeguard the believer. Sometimes jewelry is inscribed with less known verses and prayers such as "Lord heal her" (Rapeh Na La), said by Moses to God, when his sister Miriam becomes leper: "Heal her now, O God, I beseech Thee.' , begs Moses to God (Book of Numbers, 12:13). The next verse on Jewelry is considered a virtue for blessing and healing: "May God make you as Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah". According to the Jewish tradition, this is the way fathers bless their daughters every Saturday night after reciting the prayers. Pieces of jewelry inscribed with this blessing are common as Bat Mitzvah gifts and Jewish wedding gifts that are given to the bride. Under the Chupa this blessing is said to the bride by her father. Jewish jewelry puts a strong emphasis on Hebrew as the sacred language.

Many people, Jewish and non-Jewish, are attracted to the magical appeal of the Hebrew letters and history that comes along with it. There have been many discussions over the energetic power of the Hebrew letters, and it has been claimed that each of the Hebrew letters carries its own energy and significance since the Creation of the world. Many of Kabbalah jewelry accessory feature Hebrew letters sequences: initials of blessing and prayers or many kinds of Kabbalist codes, as the 72 names of God. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between Jewish jewelry and Kabbalah jewelry. Kabbalah jewelry is a niche in the field of Jewish jewelry and by no means separated from it.

Kabbalah jewelry often draws on prominent symbols of mainstream Judaism that are traditionally believed to provide protection to the bearer, such as the Star of David or Hamsa hand. Ana Bekoach for example is a Kabbalist prayer that has entered mainstream Judaism and is found today in every Siddur.
Jewish jewelry has enjoyed a growing popularity in the last few decades. Many people around the world are drawn to this type of jewelry for its unique appearance and what it represents. Many Jewish women and men wear Jewish jewelry as a way of expressing their identification with Judaism and solidarity with Jewish nation and culture.
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